Monique Padar

Monique Padar

Hi, I’m Monique Padar

Hi, I’m Monique

This is my story of how I got over pain (and a few other ailments too):

Monique Padar

For three decades I suffered daily pain from bunions on both feet (a deformity of the joint connecting the big toe to the foot).

When I was around 10, I remember being taken to the doctor to check my painful feet, and him saying to my mother and me that the exact cause was unclear, and concluded it was probably « hereditary » (though nobody else in the family had it…), nothing could be done, and it would steadily get worse and more painful as time passed. I tearfully accepted this “fact” as well as the daily pain, and progressively had to eliminate most kinds of shoes and many activities I enjoyed such as tennis, hiking, running etc..

In my mid 20’s, the pain already stopped me from wearing most of the shoes I liked. I couldn’t stand for long periods of time either, which, I needed to do in my job. By my mid 30’s the pain had got much worse-especially during my pregnancies due to weight gain. I couldn’t run around with my young kids. I couldn’t go on hikes in the beautiful Swiss alps where I live. In addition to that, lecturing to my students standing up was excruciating, and working normally became difficult.

Hi, I’m Monique Padar

I have always been active and dedicated to what I do, both in my private and professional life. Not being able to work properly, and having to give up some of my favorite activities with friends and family was taking a toll on me.

After seeing about 4 different surgeons; I finally decided to take the plunge after I met a specialist I had a good feeling about. I was excited about the idea of getting my life back, free of pain! I had both feet done at once, and approached the situation with optimism. However I underestimated how handicapping it would be and how long it would take before I could get back to an active life. Not only could I do nothing in the house or for my young kids, but I lived in fear of my 3 year old coming to jump on the bed and crush my newly sawed and stapled feet.

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My feet post-op. This image might gross you out!

Monique Padar

At the time, I was a lecturer in an institute of higher education, and thought it best to fit the operation into my holidays, so I could be back at work when the students arrived. By the end of summer I was shuffling around slowly in comfortable shoes, terrified to bend my toes and so stressed out about getting back to work fast that I started to have heart arrhythmia day and night. After a few months of the heart problem and a few more for my feet to get back to their normal size after swelling, I resumed my active life and felt better.

FAST forward 8 years: THIS cannot be happening!
To my horror, the bunion started coming back on my left foot and so did the pain. I couldn’t believe it. Did I get the surgery for nothing?

Hi, I’m Monique Padar

I knew I had to think out of the box and come up with a better plan.
By this time, I had left my old job and had done different training based on the power of the subconscious mind. And I had a light bulb moment! How did I not think about this earlier? It was time to put my knowledge to the test and get rid of the pain once and for all.
After some detective work, I finally understood how stress and subconscious underlying issues had caused the pain and stopped my body from healing as fast as it could have. In the process of working on myself and others I also freed myself from frequent neck pain, long-standing allergies, and Reynaud’s syndrome, which I had had as long as I could remember.

Today I am back to my active life, free of pain.

I am sharing my story with you because I want you to know that yes, you can live a pain free -life. My condition was known as incurable. Yet, when my left foot relapsed, I not only managed to stop the progression of the deformity, I also totally eliminated the pain despite doctor’s “facts” and negative prognosis.
That’s why I am dedicated to helping people like you overcome pain and get back to a healthy, active life FAST. When I finally found the root cause of why the pain was there, I was able to eliminate it and then re-program my mind for rapid self-healing. Most importantly, I want people to know that they 100% CAN avoid pain or get over it more quickly with less or no medication or surgery.

Let me end by quoting Wim Hof (the ice-man) who is now contributing to changing science through mind mastery:

« Power is within us all. Anything can be overcome by going within.»

Professional Bio

Monique is an experienced therapist/coach trained in hypnotherapy, Rapid Transformational techniques and has extensively studied the mind-body connection. She has helped countless people free themselves from pain and stay that way durably, re-creating the lives they want.

After a long career in higher education, and now in therapy/ coaching she is used to listening to people and loves helping them achieve their goals. Having suffered from physical pain for years, and being able to overcame it, she wants others to get more “Life out of Life” too.

She is a trained hypnotherapist and holds a Master’s degree in Education. After doing most of her schooling in Canada, she moved to France and then to Montreux, Switzerland where she now lives with her husband, two adult daughters and two cats.
She works locally face to face and internationally via zoom in both English and French.

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