Since 2014 I had been suffering from PTSD after having several strokes. I had to permanently stop working and could not even live normally because my symptoms were so severe. Here are some of them:

  • shaking
  • loss of speech
  • profuse sweating
  • My torso heated up as if on fire
  • I was always on high alert
  • My muscles went stiff
  • My articulations filled with fluid and swelled

    I had done numerous tests and therapies at the hospital, and could not seem to find a solution that worked for me to even reduce these symptoms.

    My PTSD attacks happened so often and were so strong that I had to stay home all day doing nothing not to trigger them. To make a long story short, I had no life and I couldn’t be me.
    Just doing ordinary daily activities were not possible because I was scared of setting off the symptoms and not being able to control the downward spiral. One day someone I know saw my symptoms coming on, and suggested I work with Monique, who had helped his wife with a similar issue. We worked with methods that immediately made me feel safe and at ease. I have to say that I took 100% responsibility in my healing process because I know how important my participation is.
    After several months I saw incredible changes! Now, for the first time in 8 years, I can  
  • go to a café without the symptoms starting
  • walk down the street or drive without feeling panic or stress
  • take the elevator stress free
  • do small everyday activities without constantly worrying that the symptoms might send me to the hospital.
  • reduce medication

    I feel wonderful because I can do everyday activities again without any symptoms, which is incredible for me. I don’t live in constant fear of having a severe attack anymore. I’m also sure that this change is permanent, and I will keep making progress. If you want a fantastic change, and you’re ready to invest in your well-being, I recommend working with Monique.
  • Tony

    I had heard about Monique and her work with the mind/body connection and after years of dealing with chronic back pain and sciatica I was more than ready to find a way to feel better. I felt I had dealt with the physical aspects as I had seen doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists. They all reassured me that nothing was wrong structurally but could not help me find relief.

    I decided to see Monique to explore ways to heal using my mind. I did several deep hypnosis sessions with Monique where she helped me uncover some beliefs, I had that were causing me a lot of stress. I discovered that my body was holding an incredible amount of tension. With Monique’s guidance I was able to change my thinking and find ways to let go of my pain. Today my body feels better than ever and not only that, but I feel like I got my power back and am in control of how I feel.
    If you feel like you are stuck in your life give Monique’s program a try. She is knowlegable, and empathetic and the tools she can give you are life changing. Best decision for me ever!


    I went to see Monique after a friend of mine who had a similar problem recommended that I go see her. My left shoulder was in intense pain (10/10) and I could not lift my arm higher than my ribs without being in pain. The pain was stopping me from sleeping normally, I woke up on average 12 times every night. It also prevented me from doing my sport as well as work properly. My doctor advised me to get an operation, but I didn’t want it because of the long recovery time.

    Right after my session, I was already better (I could lift my arm at shoulder level) and 3 weeks later, the pain was almost totally gone (2/10). It also allowed me to avoid the operation. Today, I feel good and I can sleep again.


    My testimonial is clear because Monique Padar really gave me a lot of relief in my left shoulder as well as my right shoulder. I had excruciating pain that woke me up at night and was difficult for me to manage, since I don’t take medication.

    Thanks to the session she managed to relieve the pain almost completely, 90%. I still have a little discomfort but nowhere near to how it was before. So I recommend her to you. I advise you to take your problem, and go see her. Really don’t hesitate, it’s just amazing!


    Since July 2018, I’d been suffering from pain related to electromagnetic waves. Unpleasant sensations on the face, ears to jaw, teeth, as soon as I was exposed to the waves, or as soon as I left the house. I was stressed whenever I went out, like for shopping. It got worse in December 2019 and it was around that time that my mom told me about Monique and her experience with hypnosis: her neck pain was gone. Of a skeptical nature, she wanted to first experiment with this method before telling me about it. I didn’t need any other proof: if my mother had seen her pain disappear, my problems related to the waves would also disappear. And I was determined to end it.

    After a hypnosis session and a few days when I listened to Monique’s recording several times a day (which is in fact a “portion” of the hypnosis session), the unpleasant sensations in my face have very clearly decreased, and even some days gone! And the stress has almost disappeared! I can live normally again, meaning that I can go shopping without worrying about the number of mobile phones around me, eat at a restaurant, jog without avoiding relay antennas … In two words: I’m ALIVE again!

    I continue to listen to Monique’s recording every day, doing relaxation and applying the taping method (EFT). I discovered, thanks to Monique, the power of my thoughts. Thank you very much, Monique, for showing me the way to regain control of my life!


    I had been living with severe back pain since 1999 initially caused by a skating accident. It had been getting worse and worse and 9 years ago, in 2010, a scans showed I had degenerative disc disease. I was having trouble doing my usual yoga and even basic walking. Bending over was very painful and so were daily chores (like making the bed).

    In October 2018, i had a flare up and had to stop work for 5 moths. Was on advil (anti-inflammatory) prescriptions, muscles relaxers, Voltaren rub, heating pads, but the pain always came back. Moreover I was suffering from side effects of the medicine such as poorer vision, constipation, disorientation and extreme fatigue. The side effects were so bad that I reduced the medicine to only muscle relaxers occasionally with cream (Voltaren) and heating pads before bed daily. I also have a chiropractor and a physiotherapist.

    On August 18th 2019, I did a session with Monique on the subject of my back pain. First of all, I was surprised to have been able to sit for then entire 1h30 session with no pain. Previously, I couldn’t sit for more than 30-40 minutes without having to get up. It’s been 3 weeks and the pain has been 85% better. I have since been able to make my bed, vacuum, clean the whole house and even ride a horse for the first time in 20 years! The chiropractor explained that he had never seen me in such good shape. Life has become normal again! I am so excited! I have a new outlook on life!


    After a shoulder surgery in September, pain in my cervical vertebrae (that had been surgically fixed into place after a severe accident) started to come back. I could not stand to bend my head forward to read or write for example.

    My hairdresser was surprised when I declined the magazines he gave me, and advised me to get a hypnosis session with Monique. Despite my scepticism, and mainly because I was feeling very discouraged about the situation, I booked an appointment. After two session, one of which included another modality she uses, and even though I wasn’t able to fully relax while listening to my recording, I started to notice changes. The pain in my neck significantly decreased, and sometimes, I would feel no pain at all. Day after day, those moments free of pain became longer and more frequent.

    My general wellbeing considerably improved in many different areas of my life: range of movement in my neck, self-confidence, peace of mind and I feel more sociable. I am grateful to Monique for helping me get a better quality of life.

    Marie Rose

    I had a wonderful session with Monique. I have suffered from severe pain in my lower back for many years. The pain prevented me from sitting down for more than half an hour at a time and also from doing the exercise that I wanted. After the session I have listened to the recording every night.

    And actually the day after our session I started to take long morning walks every day and even some weightlifting. And I feel absolutely amazing. I am forever greatful to you Monique. I highly recommend anyone suffering from physical pain to contact her!


    When I came to Monique for help I was suffering from chronic fatigue and daytime sleepiness due to chronic pain and vice versa. The pain level was a between 6-7 as I was tired the whole day and in pain. I couldn’t finish anything because of fatigue and fear of incoming pain after. Immediately after the session, I felt a lot of relief, and a few hours of alertness during the day. After 3 weeks, the pain went down and I am able to vacuum a room and continue other household chores with minimal rest or none at all.

    The discomfort level is down to 2. I thank Monique for giving back some normalcy to my life. A big part of the progress from the work that I experienced is the positivity that I feel during the day that makes me open to healing, and doing activities that bring me joy, such as spending time with people who support me.


    I had such an amazing RTT Session with Monique for nerve pain that I’ve been battling with since my neck operation in October 2016. At first I thought it wasn’t working as my mind was so used to needing the pain however after a few days after the session I realised it had completely disappeared.

    I have been listening to Monique’s powerful recording every night and daily see some changes happening in my body. Thank you Monique you are an absolute Angel xxx


    Since November 2018, I have been treated for rheumatoid arthritis, a auto-immune inflammatory disease that causes inflammation in joints. Until August 2019, I had never had swelling in my ankles. However, at the beginning of August, I suddenly got swelling in my right ankle. It extended up to my mid-shin (20 cm up my leg). It was so bad that people in the street noticed it and were making comments.

    After 2 weeks and zero improvement, I went to see my family doctor on the 13th. He measured my leg and saw how bad it was, but could not give me any explanation as to why I had the swelling. I did a session with Monique on the subject of my ankle. The very next day (less than 24h later), the swelling had decreased by 75%. Since then it has not come back (it has been over a week). I am very surprised about the power of this work, and also very happy!


    Good morning Monique. Thank you very very much for the superb session, which you gave me over a week ago. It was excellent. It was well thought out and well put together. You were professional and sympathetic to my situation.

    The session was all about pain relief as I got an injury to the left side of my body, and I got nerve damage. I have to say that after listening to you every day (the recording) I feel so much better. I went to my chiropractor on Tuesday, who can’t believe how quickly I’m recovering. I tried to explain to her that I’d had a session with a fellow therapist, but she just poo pooed the idea.

    So, I just thought, by way of testimony, I’d just come back to you and explain that I am much, much better. I am walking quicker and easier. I don’t have the wobble in my gait anymore. I am in less pain. I’m still in some pain, but nothing like the amount of numbing pain I was in before.

    So, I would like to thank you for being an excellent therapist. Thank you very very much! And I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who has a pain situation or any other situation indeed, because you dealt with many of my personal issues as well. So once again, thank you very much. I hope that you continue to do well and I really appreciate what you’ve done for me.