Let's get rid of the pain!

My passion? Helping active people to free themselves of pain without drugs or surgery.

This used to be me:

– Not being able to work properly because I was in too much pain.

– Having to say no to my children when they wanted me to run around and play with them.

– Never getting permanent relief, despite doing everything the “specialists” and “experts” told me to do.

– Living in pain and wondering if it would ever go away.

– Having to stay home while my friends or family enjoyed the outdoors.

– Giving up sport, and activities that allowed me to relax after work.

I know what it’s like to stay home when the whole family’s going skiing or hiking. I’ve heard things like “you’ll be on drug X or feel like Y for the rest of your life”, and saying to myself “I’d better just give up that sport altogether”. I know what it’s like to be scared of missing work, or not being able to give my 100%.
But I don’t feel that way anymore, and you don’t have to either.

The reason nothing else has worked is because you didn’t go to the subconscious root that is causing the pain to stay. At the same time, you’re sure there must be a way. You feel (and you are right) that you can get your life back!

Most people don’t realize the incredible power of the mind, and I didn’t either, for many years. We try prescription drugs, and often a long chain of outward treatments, which have their temporary benefits, but they do not go to the root of the problem. After a number of years of trial and error, and testing different innovative methods, I managed to free myself from pain permanently. This led me to create my own NeuroPeak™ process.

This process helps you to first get to the root of why you are in pain, because I am a firm believer that you can’t heal what you don’t understand. So far, you’ve probably tried everything you could with your rational mind and/ or conscious action aimed at the symptoms. Understanding the cause of an issue requires tapping into the subconscious mind, which is infinitely powerful.

Once you access the subconscious mind you will be able to find and eliminate the cause of the pain, and give clear instructions to the body to start healing on its own. You will then have strong foundations to build the life you want, and will finally start catching up on all of the things you’ve been wanting to do!

  • Transform
  • Reprogram
  • Eliminate
  • Identify

NeuroPeak™ process

  • Identify the root cause of the issue or block to eliminate it permanently. Indeed, once the cause of an issue is identified, it can no longer influence you.
  • Eliminate the root cause with pioneering methods that allow to remove negative habits, behaviours and beliefs from your subconscious mind.
  • Reprogram using unique and powerful tools and protocols to get the results you want.
  • Transform through integration of new concepts, behaviors and habits which will allow you to be and stay pain free.
This work is for you if:

– You are ready to have an open mind (even if you might be skeptical at first)

– You believe that you are not defined by symptoms, x-rays, MRIs, diagnosis, etc…

– You really want to get well fast

– You are ready to invest 15-25 minutes a day in your well-being

– You are ready to be the captain of your ship and adopt a success mindset

This work is NOT for you if:

– You don’t believe in non-medical solutions

– You believe that there is no link between your mind and your body

– You are not willing to invest 15-25 minutes a day in your well-being

– You want a “magic pill” with no effort or change on your part

How we can work together

Pain free Fast 28 day package

This 28 day package includes 1:1 sessions to identify and eliminate the pain so you can finally resume to your normal life.

Pain free Fast extensive program

This unique 8 week program is for you if you are very motivated to drastically improve your quality of life in addition to getting pain free.

They got over the pain, and so can you: