Crush money blocks & smash the fear of being seen

2 day workshop to ditch limiting beliefs, and attract more clients and abundance!
Saturday August 21st & Sunday August 22nd at 10 am PST / 6 pm GMT

We all know this: strategy is only part of the equation when it comes to getting more clients and growing our business. 

In this 2 day workshop, you will learn how to rewire your subconscious mind and heal old limiting beliefs about money and visibility so you can fully unleash your manifestation and client attraction powers.

Here’s what you’ll get in this 2- day transformational workshop:

✓Learn powerful manifesting tools to attract more money and clients in your business

✓ Heal subconscious money issues and blocks, so that you can make (even) more 

✓Become confident to show up as yourself without worrying about what others think

✓ Feel worthy of having more in business and life, so your mind no longer sabotages your manifestation process

If this is you, keep reading!

You’ve applied all of the business strategies to the T and you have no doubts that what you do is absolutely life changing, but for some reason, the clients and abundance you want and know you can have seem to be stuck in the vortex.

Well it’s not you, it’s your subconscious mind. When our reality doesn’t match our vision board, it’s because our negative subconscious thoughts and limiting beliefs that we likely formed a very long time ago.
As long as old energetic patterns and limiting beliefs are not healed and/or removed, we can’t manifest a new future. 

In this workshop, you will identify and let go of unhealthy patterns around visibility and money and change your beliefs PERMANENTLY.

Get ready to become an abundance magnet !

What we'll cover:

Day 1: Smashing money blocks to attract more abundance (2,5 hours)

  • Crush limiting beliefs about abundance, so that you will attract more
  • Re-wire your brain for an (even) better relationship with money
  • Feel fine talking about money, and charging your happy price
  • Feel ready to rise to the next level income you desire

Day 2: Freedom from the fear of being seen (2,5 hrs)

  • - Learn where fears of being visible came from, so you can let them go forever.
  • - Remove fear around visibility/ judgment, to show up in your biz with ease
  • -Train your brain to feel comfortable doing lives, stories etc.. to attract your ideal clients
  • -Feel great showing up as your true self because that’s what people love to see.

Ready to smash money & visibility fears and instead show up with confidence and manifest more with ease?

Letting go of old, automatic limiting beliefs is life changing! After this workshop:

  • Your subconscious mind, which controls 95% of what you do and believe, will be rewired to manifest your goals to you without sabotage;
  • You'll feel like you can show up as your real and authentic self, not caring about judgment. And when you do that, opportunities and clients flow your way!
  • You'll naturally attract money, clients and abundance as your energy and vibration will be aligned with them
“I have had so much more clarity. I have felt more confident in what I’m doing and I have taken inspired action which has attracted my ideal, paying clients to me.”Monique, thank you so much for this amazing work!”

I highly recommend working with Monnique -Athena
Jodie Creaser copie
“After our work together I’ve had lots more interest from clients who have signed up to work with me with far less effort and hassle.”

Helena Day copie
“She uncovered my deep blocks to success and I felt very empowered by the process. Thank you again, Monique!”


How this workshop will change your life:

The mistake most people make when trying to attract more clients/ abundance is to do more of the same (more work, more hustle, more forcing).

Before I learned about how powerful thoughts and beliefs were, I also thought that working harder would get me different results. All it got me was burnout because I was forcing things.

It doesn’t have to be a struggle. When you get rid of fears and negative beliefs, and train your brain to be successful, you become unstoppable.

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About me

I’m Monique, and I’m trained in hypnotherapy, and other rapid transformational techniques. I help professionals get rid of unconscious success blocks and reach their goals faster. After a career in higher education, I became fascinated by the mind, when first helping family members with some of their issues. Now I am obsessed with teaching ambitious people to use the power of their minds for success