Working with Monique has been such a wonderful transformative process. She is intuitive and has some wonderful processes and recommendations in order to get the results in your life that I believe everyone deserves. She uncovered my deep blocks to success and I felt very empowered by the process. Thank you again, Monique!


I went to Monique for help with connecting to my instinct and intuition.

I always felt that it was strong but recently I was feeling a disconnect and didn’t understand why. This resulted in me having a lack of vision and clarity in my work and meant that I wasn’t showing up the way I needed or taking the action that was needed.

Monique helped me uncover the emotional root cause to this disconnection and it literally felt like I was able to piece the puzzle together. I released alot of supressed emotion and was able to do some forgiveness work which was incredibly powerful. Since working with Monique, I have listened to the personalised recording she did for me every single day and I love it. It keeps me feeling motivated and reminds me of what I want to achieve.

I have had so much more clarity. I have felt more confident in what I’m doing and I have taken inspired action which has attracted my ideal, paying clients to me. Monique, thank you so much for an amazing session. I highly recommend working with Monique


I highly recommend having an RTT Session with Monique, she is such a kind and understanding person. She is able to get to the root of the issue and release the burden which seemed previously as though I would carry it always.

Thank goodness I came across you Monique – I know that things are very different and I am able to move forward from this issue and finally make some forward progress – truly enlightening experience, thank you so much.


Before working with Monique I had been experiencing a scarcity mindset. I found that I had lots of clients interested in my services, but who weren’t ready to commit straight away. I sought out Monique’s services to turn this around. After our work together I’ve had lots more interest from clients who have signed up to work with me with far less effort and hassle.

It really has been a game changer. I’d recommend working with Monique to anyone. She has a wonderful personable approach and knows just how to get to the root of the issue fast.